The Light (2018)


Reality Jones just released their fourth album! The Light is available from iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Spotify or your favorite music source.

All CDs are available at our live performances. Come see us!

Broken Angel (2010)


The Other Side (2002)


All You Need To Know (1999)


About Us


Reality Jones is a Baltimore-based, original band fronted by singer/songwriter Tim McFadden. Tim's writing provides insightful lyrics and memorable melodies for Reality Jones to arrange and mold. Each member of the band interprets the song according to their instrument. The result is a well-crafted, unforgettable journey through a range of music from singer-songwriter, earthy classic rock, and powerful heavy rock. 

Reality Jones just completed their fourth studio album, The Light.  Shout out to Invisible Sound Studios in Baltimore! Check out our lineup of music spanning 20 years: The Other Side, All You Need to Know, Broken Angel and The Light.

Reality Jones in a silly pose after an awesome gig.

Reality Jones is a rock band comprised of passionate musicians with decades of playing experience. Their background enables them to perform live improvisational jams at each show, which their fans have come to love. The band prides itself on exceptional instrumentation, tight harmonies, and a unique blend of personalities that all combine to keep an audience energized and captivated.


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